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Waffle-y Cute - Burgundy - Handmade Dog Bandana

Waffle-y Cute - Burgundy - Handmade Dog Bandana

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For those hunting for funky dog bandanas, our Waffle-y Cute collection is just right! 'Plain' just doesn't sit with us, so this striking textured bandana is our recommendation for the minimalist pawdrobe.

Available in Baby Blue, Burgundy, Green, Mustard, Muted Navy and White.

If you're looking for a pawsome neckerchief to smarten up your pup, our over-the-collar handmade dog bandanas are the ideal choice - growing puppy or nervous pooch? Our flexible design allows wiggle room to be enjoyed for years to come.

Unfortunately our personalisation service is unavailable on this product, as the textured surface does not allow sufficient contact.

Ditch the dog socks; puppy bandanas are the ultimate gift for the doting dog-mum and/or dog-dad who (seemingly) has it all! 

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