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Venison Training Bites

Venison Training Bites

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Available in a variety of proteins, our training bites are made using pure meat, with no additives, preservatives or filler. They are therefore very high-value and nutritious, making them ideal for training, especially for dogs with allergies to chicken and/or grains. Each pouch contains 100g.

Unsure which your pup will like best?

Why not take advantage of our two for £10 deal on all Training Bites? Dogs absolutely love these tempting treats and their soft, chewy nature makes them truly versatile, whether you're working on a new trick or simply spoiling your pet!

Our Training Bites selection includes:

  • Duck (100% Duck - Protein 30.8%, Oils & Fats 31.7%, Fibre 11.8%, Moisture 8.9%, Ash 16.8%)
  • Rabbit (100% Rabbit - Protein 63.2%, Oils & Fats 10.8%, Fibre 8%, Moisture 16%, Ash 2%)
  • Salmon (100% Salmon - Protein 41.9%, Oils & Fats 24.5%, Fibre 7.6%, Moisture 14.6%, Ash 11.4%)
  • Venison (100% Venison - Protein 74%, Oils & Fats 3%, Fibre 6%, Moisture 15%, Ash 2%)

Our range of natural dog treats are carefully sourced and selected, with their quality and your pup's health always at the forefront. Our variety of pouches include a diverse choice of chews, and with that an array of benefits to give your dog the boost they need!

Please feed responsibly: your pet should be closely monitored while eating at all times, ensuring they consume food and treats safely and in moderation.

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