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Beef Variety - Single Protein Pouch

Beef Variety - Single Protein Pouch

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This 100% beef pouch contains a selection of tasty treats, all high in protein and and low in fat. These assorted chews will support good dental hygiene, healthy skin and coat and a strong immune system.

Our Beef Variety Pouches include:

  • Beef Achilles Tendons (Small x 2, Large x 4)

100% Beef - Protein 89%, Fat 3.3%, Moisture 6.3%, Ash 1.4%

  • Beef Skin Chews (Small x 1, Large x 2)

100% Beef - Protein 71.8%, Oils % Fats 10.7%, Moisture 11.4%, Ash 5.6%

  • Beef Muscle Pieces (Small x 1, Large x 2)

100% Beef - Protein 80%, Fat 8%, Moisture 7.3%, Ash 4.7%

  • Tripe Sticks (Small x 1, Large x 2)

100% Beef - Crude Protein 75%, Fat 1.5%, Moisture 10%, Fibre 4%

Our range of natural dog treats are carefully sourced and selected, with their quality and your pup's health always at the forefront. Each variety pouch includes a diverse choice of chews, and with that an array of benefits to give your dog the boost they need!

Please feed responsibly: your pet should be closely monitored while eating at all times, ensuring they consume food and treats safely and in moderation.

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